Remote Tachograph File Download

Automate the process of downloading tachograph data straight to your email inbox or online third party analysis software.

Automatic download of tachograph files via the mobile networks.

The recent introduction of digital tachograph units also provides the benefit of being able to access the tachograph unit remotely over a mobile network and download the data straight to an email inbox or directly to a third party tacho data analysis service. You no longer have to manually access the unit saving valuable time and effort. The vehicle could be anywhere in Europe and you still have instant access to download data at anytime. You can also schedule the downloads to trigger automatically at a specified interval, for example on a weekly basis.

Our device is a perfect replacement for the popular Digi DL Remote Tacho Download Unit and also features GPS tracking functionality, all of this for a considerably lower cost than the Digi DL units. Our Remote Tachograph Download unit comes supplied with a standard cable harness but we can also supply an enhanced cable harness allowing for a simple ‘plug n play’ installation, therefore the install can normally be completed in less than 15 minutes!

Our enhanced remote tacho cable harness adapter makes it easy to remove the unit and transfer to another vehicle if required.

(We can supply the enhanced cable harness separately. Please contact us for trade pricing)

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