GPS Tracking Software Solutions

We provide professional GPS tracking software solutions and we are authorised distributors for a range of popular GPS trackers supported by the software.

Providing GPS tracking solutions across the UK & Europe

Live Tracking

Track assets in real-time using our web based tracking platform accessible through any internet connected device such as computer, tablet or smartphone.

Reporting Suite

A comprehensive suite of reports is available to help you manage your fleet by increasing productivity, helping create/confirm time sheets, identifying poor driver behaviour and speeding etc.

Instant Notifications

Easily add and manage event rules and receive alerts by ‘PUSH NOTIFICATION’ to the app and/or EMAIL message as soon as an event occurs. i.e. Enter/exit geo fence, ignition on/off, speeding, idling etc.

Driver Behaviour

Monitor ‘Harsh Driving’ behaviour including harsh braking, acceleration and cornering. Create league table for your drivers.

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