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Bespoke GPS Telematic solutions tailored to meet the needs of large corporate clients and insurance companies. 

Our comprehensive solutions are tailored to your exact requirements.

Fleet Tracking Consultancy work on behalf of a number of large corporate clients and insurers, sourcing solutions which are built around the exact specification we have been asked to meet.

We work on your behalf as consultants, working in your best interests to find a cost effective solution to include all aspects of delivering the end product, including sourcing the most suitable hardware, M2M mobile connectivity and software platform. Software can be integrated into your own systems and having direct contact with the developers means we can create custom features and modifications if required.  We also have access to a nationwide network of qualified installation engineers to ensure our offering is a truly comprehensive solution.

Our approach is quite straightforward in that we will be able to provide a summary proposal based on an initial consultation, then if the summary proposal sounds interesting to you we will provide a more detailed commercial offer.

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