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Quick Guide To Getting Started With Your New GPS Tracking Device.

Thank you for your purchase. Let’s get you up and running with your new device straight away.

The first step is to register the device by providing the information requested below. Once you have submitted the registration form, one of our support team members will activate your account and email you the login details.

If you are activating more than one device simply place a comma between each IMEI number

GPS Tracker Activation


The Basics

We found the easiest way to explain the main features of the tracking software platform was to create some tutorial videos. Our videos guide you through

  • the login process
  • viewing your trackers in the main map window
  • creating extra users
  • creating Geo-Fence areas
  • creating trip reports
  • creating Event Alerts
  • using the ‘Time Machine’
  • changing the tracker name/label

The tracking platform video tutorial page is here.

User Guide


You can also check out the user guide by clicking on the ‘?’ icon in the bottom left hand corner of the screen when logged into the desktop version of the software.

Login Details


Your login details will be emailed to you once your account has been set up by our support team.

We recommend you change the password once logged into your account. Follow these steps to change your password. 

1. Click on the blue circle.

2. Click on ‘Account’

3. Click on ‘Change Password’ button

Installing Your GPS Tracking Device

Firstly, your GPS Tracker is already configured and live on the tracking software platform so you just need to install it and log in to the tracking platform. Select your device from the options below to see full instructions.

WLT01 GPS Tracker

OBD Tracker

AT4 Asset Tracker

Download The Mobile APP

Once you have downloaded the app, open it and click on the square barcode icon in the top left corner of the screen on your phone. This opens the app scanner to scan the barcode below and your app will be configured automatically to work with your account.



Service Subscription Payments

You will enjoy a period of free service once you have received your device. Our accounts department will email you around 7 days before the service expires to ask you to either set up a direct debit so we can collect monthly payments of £5 per device per month or make a payment of £60 using PayPal to cover 12 months service for one device.